Resistance bands Pack

3 bands + Blue Gymsack + Band accessories
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This bundle contains

  • 1 Resistance band - Black (15-38kg)
  • 1 Resistance band - Blue (22-56kg)
  • 1 Resistance band - Red (4-15 kg)
  • 1 blue Gymsack
  • Band accessories - 2 handles + 1 door anchor
  • + 1 free Ebook - "Training with Resistance bands - Fundamentals"
  • + 1 free Ebook - "Training with light Resistance band - Fundamentals"


Black & Blue Resistance bands

Our resistance bands allow you to develop your pull-up technique and enhance your bodyweight exercises. The black band offers less resistance while the blue band delivers more resistance. Beginners to pull-ups should start with the blue band and advance to the black band as strength increases. For bodyweight resistance and stretching exercises, the black band is best suited for beginners; advanced Free Athletes will prefer the blue band.

Red Resistance band

Our light resistance bands allow you to utilize the Freeletics app at its fullest. With exercises targeting different muscles available in the Freeletics app, bands present a unique way of training by offering an adjustable resistance in all directions. Made out of natural latex and highly resistant, they will become your new Essential tools in your Free Athlete arsenal.


  • Fit in your gymbag to be taken anywhere.
  • Made out of 100% latex for high durability.
  • Tailored for all resistance bands exercises available in the Freeletics App.
  • Can be used for warmups, cooldowns, and mobility.
  • Ideal to add additional light resistance to your bodyweight exercises such as Squats and Pushups.
  • You’ll find all resistance band exercises in the Explore tab. We’re working on adding these exercises to your Coach-assigned workouts soon.
  • Optimal strength for specific exercises such as Lateral Raises with a band.
  • Gymsack with zipper - Blue

    Pack everything you need and be prepared to outperform. With its robust 300D poly shell material, the No Excuses Zip Gymbag is made to withstand all conditions and challenges you, as an athlete, face. Its functional design with clever details has been further improved to offer even more functional features, including fully removable attachment straps to ensure your training mat is held firmly in place. The straps can be individually adjusted, and the outside compartment—sealed with a zipper—ensures you have quick and easy access to your most important equipment.

    • Outer zipper pocket
    • Adjustable shoulder straps
    • Training mat straps
    Band accessories

    Our Door anchor and pair of Handles are the optimal accessories for your resistance bands training. The Door anchor will allow you to have a steady and strong anchor point to attach your band directly in your home.

    With a non-slip, cushioned surface, and an ideal diameter to fit in your hand during exercises, our pair of handles will give more comfort and grip to resist excuses even more.

    • The Door anchor can be used on any door for a low, middle, or high anchor point.
    • They may be soft, but they are also extremely durable. The strap is made of durable propylene which is designed to last.
    • The diameter of the handle grip is 3.5 cm which will give you a perfect grip.
    • Lightweight and easy to carry.


Resistance band
  • 100% natural latex (REACH compliant)
  • Made in China
Gymsack with zipper - Blue
  • Outer top material: 100% Nylon
  • Outer bottom material: 100% Polyester
  • Coating: 100% Polyurethane
  • Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Made in China
Band accessories
  • Handles: polypropylene + rubber (TPR) (REACH compliant)
  • Anchor: polypropylene + foam (REACH compliant)
  • Made in China

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andreas Pesl

Top quality. Very good to restart training;-)

Domenico Albanese

Quick shipping, high quality materials, perfect grip. Very cool!!

Christian Seiffert
Großartiges Equipment

Die Widerstandsbänder haben eine tolle Qualität, sind gut verpackt und einfach zu reinigen. Sie helfen mir im Training neue Reize zu setzen.

Great bands, cool bag, meh handles. Bands don't work with coaches

I got these bands to assist with a few muscle groups I don't normally get with body weight exercises and they are excellent. However, the bands do not integrate with the coaches. The handles are not as useful as I had hoped but are pretty nice. The door holder is pretty rad but limited functionality. It is a little expensive for the whole kit, but with shipping included it's worth.

All in all, very happy.

Joaquim Speck
No integration with your journey

Good quality resistance bands. They a re useful, but unfortunately, you cannot add them to your journey's equipment. Hence, the app will not propose any training with them (at least within your journey). They added a couple of exercises within the app that you can manually select though.


This equipment is perfect to get in shape, in association with the coach !
Working out from home is easier than ever 👍

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