Trainingsmatte und Widerstandsbänder Bundle

Workout mat, Strong & Medium resistance bands
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This bundle contains

  • 1 No excuses workout mat
  • 1 Resistance band - Blue (22-56kg)
  • 1 Resistance band - Black (15-38kg)
  • + 1 free Ebook - "Training with Resistance bands - Fundamentals"


No Excuses workout mat

The ideal workout mat for every Athlete! With a thickness of only 6 mm and a high density and a soft anti-slip surface, the mat gives you the perfect protection for your workout. Furthermore, the lay-in feature offers a perfect spot for your smartphone while working out. No matter which surface – nothing holds you back on your path to becoming the strongest version of yourself.

  • Optimal length for bodyweight training
  • Sealed edges and PVC material for longer durability
  • Optimal material for stop and go movements
  • 130 x 60 x 0,6 cm
  • 1,4 kg
Resistance bands

Our resistance bands allow you to develop your pull-up technique and enhance your bodyweight exercises. The black band offers less resistance while the blue band delivers more resistance. Beginners to pull-ups should start with the blue band and advance to the black band as strength increases. For bodyweight resistance and stretching exercises, the black band is best suited for beginners; advanced Free Athletes will prefer the blue band.

  • Fit in your gymbag to be taken anywhere.
  • Made out of 100% latex for high durability.
  • Tailored for all resistance bands exercises available in the Freeletics App.
  • Can be used for warmups, cooldowns, and mobility.
  • Ideal to add additional light resistance to your bodyweight exercises such as Squats and Pushups.
  • You’ll find all resistance band exercises in the Explore tab. We’re working on adding these exercises to your Coach-assigned workouts soon.
  • Optimal strength for specific exercises such as Lateral Raises with a band.


No Excuses workout mat
  • 100% PVC (according to the European Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH Regulation, Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006).
  • Made in China
Resistance bands
  • 100% natural latex (REACH compliant)
  • Made in China

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Samantha ‍♀️ living in
Mat & Bands bundle

Mat is made from nice material that upon opening has a strong odor (after a day outside the smell has gone) is soft and smooth, shock absorbing even though it is thin but doesn't curl up ever! Bands are well made, easy to use and go anywhere with you. Fast shipping within Europe.

Dominique Paul

Mat and bands bundle

Eduardo Fuentes
Mat and Bands bunble

Excellent. I have a lot of fun .

Tom Heine
Good Mat but not that soft

I like this Mat, and use it a lot, but in some exercise, I wish It would be a little bit softer, and I would love if it would be symmetric.

Andrea Moroni

Mat and bands bundle

Carletto Lozano

Mat and bands bundle