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Freeletics Training Coach for 3 Months + Equipment Bundle

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Supplement your bodyweight training with equipment our users love.

The ideal workout mat for every Athlete! High-density, soft, & transportable. Our best-selling product!

Anti-slip handles, high-speed bearings, & adjustable to all heights. With a 5-star rating from our users!

Add variety to strength training with our most versatile resistance band. Hundreds of happy users!

The Freeletics Training Coach is sent to you as a voucher code via email immediately after your purchase. Activation details can be found here.

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No Excuses workout mat

- Optimal length for bodyweight training
- Sealed edges and PVC material for longer durability
- Optimal material for stop and go movements
130 x 60 x 0,6 cm
- 1,4 kg

The ideal workout mat for every Athlete! With a thickness of only 6 mm and a high density and a soft anti-slip surface, the mat gives you the perfect protection for your workout. Furthermore, the lay-in feature offers a perfect spot for your smartphone while working out. No matter which surface – nothing holds you back on your path to becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Resistance band

- Tailored for all resistance bands exercises available in the Freeletics App.
- You’ll find all resistance band exercises in the Explore tab.
- High resistance of 22-56 kg (50-125 lbs)
Dimensions: 208 x 4,5 x 0,45 cm
- + 1 free Ebook - "Training with Resistance bands - Fundamentals"

Our resistance bands allow you to develop your pull-up technique and enhance your bodyweight exercises. The black band offers less resistance while the blue band delivers more resistance. Beginners to pull-ups should start with the blue band and advance to the black band as strength increases. For bodyweight resistance and stretching exercises, the black band is best suited for beginners; advanced Free Athletes will prefer the blue band.

“Training with resistance bands - Fundamentals ” will be sent to you as a PDF via email immediately after you check out. This ebook is provided in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Important usage note:
If you attach the band to an object, please ensure that the object is stable enough to withstand the pulling force. Do not attach to table legs or other similar objects.
Do not load the resistance band with your full bodyweight by hanging, standing or lying on it. Our resistance bands are only designed to support your bodyweight during exercises movements, such as pull-ups, pistols, etc.

Jump rope

- Designed for all 9 jump rope exercises in the Freeletics app.
- The self-locking regulation function allows you to change the cable length in seconds.
- The high-speed bearings allow the cable to rotate at high speeds.
- You’ll keep a firm grip, even when sweating, thanks to the anti-slip handles.
- Comes with a pouch to be easily transported any time, anywhere.
- Includes a strong rubber band to hold the cable during transport.
- Rope length: 300 cm
- Rope diameter: 2.5 mm
- Handle length: 17 cm
- Handle weight: 105 g +/-

Add some variety to your training routine with our Freeletics Jump rope. The Freeletics Jump rope is your ideal companion when taking on the new God workouts. Performance-oriented and easy to handle, this Jump rope is tailored for Free Athletes of any level. The anti-slip handles and high-speed bearings will allow you to execute the different exercises from Criss Crosses to Double Hops and Double Unders. Because all Free Athletes are unique, the cable length can be adjusted easily with a self-locking regulation system. Includes a branded pouch to take your rope anywhere and keep it protected.


No Excuses workout mat
- 100% PVC (according to the European Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH Regulation, Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006).

Jump rope
- Handles: aluminium
- Rope core: 100% steel
- Rope shell: 100% polyurethane

Resistance band
- 100% natural latex (REACH compliant)


No Excuses Workout Mat
Before first use we recommend to air out the mat for approximately 2 days to remove any "new mat" odor. If necessary after practice, clean your mat with a soft cloth and soapy water, and hang to dry.

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