"Equipment is a nice addition to anyone’s fitness arsenal. Not only does it allow you to challenge your body in unique ways, but it can also improve the comfort and efficiency of your training sessions."


Thomas - Senior training experience manager

Freeletics essentials

Freeletics Essentials is an additional ingredient of our formula and is an integral part of our holistic training philosophy. For an enhanced experience Freeletics develops additional products with only one thing in mind: Focusing on athletes' interests, specific needs and goals to cover every aspect of a Free Athlete’s life. Freeletics Essentials products combine premium quality, performance-enhancing features with cutting-edge design to create specially fitted apparel and gear. Freeletics Essentials meet the high demands of all Free Athlete around the world during, before and after their workout. And because we’re athletes ourselves, we can naturally claim:

"By Free Athletes. For Free Athletes."



Freeletics Jump rope
Light resistance band
Structured foam roller
Smooth foam roller

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Sudare e recuperare
Jump Rope
Wall Pullup Bar
Pullup Bar
Smooth Foam Roller
Structured foam roller
Fascia Ball
Fagotto di Pullup - nero
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