The Freeletics E-CookBook

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The Freeletics E-CookBook

Healthy Eating Nutritional Principles & Recipes

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  • Tips & strategies on building healthier habits
  • Easy, nutritional recipes for all dietary preferences
  • A guide on the Freeletics principles of healthy eating
  • Put together by a team of sports scientists specializing in health & fitness

Training hard alone won’t get you where you want to be. Nutritional know-how is just as important. This book makes healthy eating achievable, despite the daily obstacles we face when reaching for our fitness goals.

  • More than 50 Recipes

    Discover delicious and healthy recipes

  • Find recipes quickly

    With the help of the simple structure, you will always find the right recipe quickly.

  • Created by Specialists

    Put together by a team of sports scientists specializing in health & fitness

  • Freeletics Signature

    A guide on the Freeletics principles of healthy eating

Kianoush Missaghi PhD

Senior Training Experience Manager

As an active person, I want to eat well to fuel my body with all that I need on a regular basis. "What am I going to eat this week?" and "What can I improve in my diet?" are questions that I often ask myself for which I don't always have a straightforward answer. This is where the Freeletics Cookbook come in handy, because it's a great tool for anyone who's looking for healthy recipes, inspiration in kitchen, and healthy eating tips.

Why should you own this Freeletics e-CookBook?

The Freeletics Nutrition E-CookBook outlines healthy eating principles, behavior-changing techniques, and nutritional recipes that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Written by experienced sports-scientists, this cookbook addresses the needs of different lifestyles and diets with universal principles to follow.

Nutritional recipes for a healthy life

From breakfast to snacks to vegetarian to meat-oriented meals, this cookbook provides meal ideas for people of all diets. Recipes vary in preparation time, with options for quick nutritional snacks or rather slow-cooked meals packed with healthy ingredients for the whole dinner party.


In which languages is the e-CookBook available?

Currently, the e-CookBook is available only in English. But we’re working on translating it to more languages and they’ll be available soon!

Is the book also available in a printed version?

We currently offer the e-CookBook exclusively as a PDF, which will be sent to you by e-mail after successful completion of your order.

How many recipes does the e-CookBook contain?

This e-CookBook contains over 50 tasty, nutritional recipes, ranging from breakfast foods to dessert and snacks.

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