Collection: Freeletics Sustainability

The phrase, “Never Settle” is not new to most Free Athletes. It is simultaneously a motivational mantra for you - to remind yourself to push past your limits, to achieve what you never thought possible, and then to keep going. 

The world’s Free Athletes inspire us daily

That’s why we are also on a mission to become the greatest version of ourselves as a company. In addition to products that work, that are high quality, that last - we want them to be not only good for you, but good for the environment and for the people who work to produce them, too. That’s why we’re taking the first steps towards a sustainable future.

Where do we go from here?

This is just our first step. Just as Free Athletes start with Knee Pushups and challenge themselves to achieve Archer Pushups or Clapping Pushups, we must begin and challenge ourselves to work towards a greener, more sustainable, more socially-conscious, ethical, and fair future for our Essentials products and for you.

Together, this is how we'll "Shape Tomorrow"!