Gift Cards

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What types of gift cards do you offer?

Shop Gift Card: This is a digital product that can only be used in the Essentials Shop to order Freeletics products. You will receive an email that includes your gift card code. Please always ensure you check your spam folder for the gift card email. Our gift cards are available for the following values: €10, €25, €50, €75 and €100.

Please note: when you return a product that you bought using a gift card, the money will be reimbursed to the gift card and can be used again in the shop.

How long are they valid?

Freeletics Shop Gift Cards don't have an expiration date. They are valid indefinitely.

If I return something I bought with a gift card, where does the money go?

If you return an item that you purchased using a Shop Gift Card, the money can only be refunded to the Shop Gift Card. That means that the gift card will be reactivated and you can, of course, spend the remaining amount again in the shop.

Can I return a Shop gift card?

You may return a gift card, however we will only be able to issue a refund if the card has not been used. Additionally, as soon the refund is processed, the gift card will no longer be valid, and the amount of money will be refunded to the person who purchased it.

You can return the Shop gift card within 14 days of purchase and get a full refund.

My question was not covered here, what can I do?

We recommend you contact our friendly Customer Support team.