Freeletics Mini Resistance Bands Set

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Freeletics Mini Resistance Bands Set

3 bands for stretching, activation, & mobilization

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  • Set of 3 Freeletics Mini Resistance Bands (light, medium, and heavy resistance), the perfect addition to your home gym
  • Target muscles such as hip abductors and external shoulder
  • Enhance classic exercises such as lateral walks or pushups with extra resistance and proper technique
  • Use these bands complementary to your Coach sessions
  • Take it wherever you want - with the carry bag for easy transport


  • Powered by FLEXVIT®
  • Made in Germany


- Blue band - heavy resistance
- Green band - medium resistance
- Orange band - light resistance
- Band measurement: 32 x 5,7 cm
- Powered by Flexvit®

Cleaning suggestions: Wash up to 60 degrees Celsius with neutral detergent and no fabric softener.

Care tips: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat for longer periods of time.


- Polyester fibers (PES) + Rubber
- Package: Stand up pouch made of paper
  • For all levels


  • Made in Germany

  • Longevity due to innovative fabric

Kianoush Missaghi PhD

Senior Training Experience Manager

Loop bands have been part of my training routine for the last few years. They are light and can be easily packed into my gym bag. I mostly use them in my warm-up routine or directly before my main workout, to activate and recruit the muscles around my hips when performing lower body lifts like squats and deadlifts. I also find the mini-bands to be very useful with some of the clients I train. When put around the arms, just over the elbows, it can allow someone to perform pushups more easily and progress towards that staple exercise faster.

Tackle your next Challenge

Add a new type of resistance to your training routine. Perform exercises like Situps, Squats, Crunches, and Lunges. Start your full-body workout with our Mini Resistance Bands now!

Use these bands complementary to your Coach sessions (your Coach won’t integrate these into your Training Journey), starting with the lightest band and working your way up towards the heaviest band.

The Mini Band: A Go-Anywhere Strength Building Tool that's Truly Essential

Portable, versatile, and adaptable to almost all your favorite exercises no matter where you work out. If you haven’t met the mini band yet, it’s time!

The soft material won’t roll up your skin during exercises and allows for comfortable usage with no pulling on skin or hair and is suitable for those with latex allergies. The bands are easily transportable for holidays or work trips, enabling you to carry out your training wherever you go.

Check out our blog and learn more about them.
To the Blog

Why we developed this

We developed these Mini Bands to help you to target specific muscles such as the external rotator and abductor muscles of the knee as well as the shoulder’s external rotation muscles. Targeting those hard to get muscles is important for knee and shoulder health.

Each band has the same length but varies in color and resistance level. Simply increase or decrease the resistance by changing the band, there’s no need to adjust your movement.


How are mini resistance bands different from other resistance bands?

The mini resistance bands are of a textile material, and the exercises used with these band can help with injury prevention, namely in the shoulders and knees. Furthermore, these bands can also be used to target specific muscles for activation and mobility, rather than primarily strength building.

How can I best integrate mini resistance bands into my training?

Mini resistance bands can be used in the form of muscle activation, warmups, or mobilization exercises. This can be applied to all workouts and in recovery days as well. Mini bands are a great way to reinforce and target knee external rotators/abductors muscles and the shoulder’s external rotation muscles.

How can I properly store & clean my resistance band?

Store your resistance bands away from direct sunlight and moisture. They are a textile product that can be washed in the machine.

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