Weighted Jump Rope Starter Pack

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Weighted Jump Rope Starter Pack

2 Handles and 2 weighted ropes (100 g and 180 g)

+ e-book

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  • Choosing a size? Not with our adjustable ropes - suitable for all heights
  • Ideal for fat burning and muscle building
  • Press one Button to change the different Jump-Ropes in seconds with our fast and easy clip system
  • Take it wherever you want - with the carry bag for easy transport

The Weighted Jump Rope Starter Pack includes

  • 2x Freeletics Exchangeable Jump Rope Handles (235g in total)
  • 1x exchangeable Freeletics Lightweight Jump Rope (100g at 4mm width) adjustable up to 3m.
  • 1x exchangeable Freeletics Midweight Jump Rope (180g at 6mm with) adjustable up to 3m.
  • 1x Allen key for rope adjustments


    Adjusting your rope

    1. Wear shoes that you will train in.
    2. Step with one foot onto the cable.
    3. Pull both ends of the cable up. They should be just below your armpits.

    Detach the rope from the handles.
    Remove the cap on one end of the cable with the Allen key.
    Use pliers to cut the cable to the desired length.
    Replace the cap on the free end of the cable. Tighten it securely with the Allen key.

    This process should be replicated for all cables. Cutting the cables is a non-reversible process!

    To be sure that your Freeletics Jump Rope remains in perfect condition, proper storage is mandatory.
    Avoid bending or wrapping the cables too tightly when storing them.

    To ensure your jump rope’s longevity, use it only on hardwood, polyurethane, vinyl, or rubber floor surfaces, or a special mat for jumping rope.

    Avoid using your Freeletics Jump Ropes on concrete or asphalt surfaces, as those will wear down the rope’s coating over time.

    E-book: “Training with Weighted Jump Rope” will be sent to you as a PDF via email immediately after you check out. This e-book is provided in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.


    • Freeletics Exchangeable Jump Rope Handles (235g in total): Aluminum
    • Freeletics Lightweight Jump Rope: Steel core & PU shell
    • Freeletics Midweight Jump Rope: Steel core & PU shell
    • Freeletics Jump Rope transport bag: Polyester

    Cleaning suggestions

    • Wipe down with towel & hygienic spray
    • Adjustable Ropes for all heights

    • Premium Grip Handles

    • Change Ropes in seconds

    • Integrated with Coach App

    Tackle your next Challenge

    Spice up your cardio and coordination training with the Freeletics Weighted Jump Ropes. Your Freeletics Coach integrates these ropes into your training sessions, increasing your exercise variety while your improving cardio and teaching you new jump rope tricks with each workout.

    Get access to 9 exercises in the Freeletics app by adding this equipment.
    Try Freeletics now

    Adjustable Length - The only Jump Rope you will need to buy

    These adjustable ropes are 3m long, thus suitable for all heights, and come with a carry bag and Allen key for easy transport and length adjustments. For more variety, you can add a third weighted rope to your set -- the Freeletics Heavyweight Jump Rope (315g, 8mm width), and take your cardio and strength training to the next level.
    Heavyweight Rope

    Why we developed this

    Burn calories while building muscles!

    We developed a jump rope with heavy cables to turn this effective cardio workout tool into one that also stimulates your muscles.
    If you’re just starting, a heavy cable will actually provide more feedback about where the rope is and the speed it’s moving, helping you to master this movement faster.


    What's the difference between the light weight & heavy weight jump rope?

    The heavier rope is more recommendable for beginners as the rope's weight allows it to give you a better feel for where the rope is and the speed it is moving at. More advanced users can also benefit from the heavier cable, as it contributes to strength building, namely in the shoulders in forearms. As such, users of all levels benefit from either rope, only in different ways.

    How can I use my weighted jump rope with the Freeletics Coach?

    Add all jump rope exercises to your Coach program! Simply go to your Coach settings, tap on equipment, and indicate that you've got a jump rope available for your training. Your Coach will take this information into consideration when building your program towards your indicated goals.

    How does my training program benefit from the weighted jump rope?

    Jump rope exercises help you build speed, agility, and improve your cardio. A heavy jump rope even incorporates strength training into your workout. Adding a jump rope to your workout routine allows for variety and effectiveness within your workouts.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ideal for total beginners

    I was sceptical at first because of the price tag. But after several workouts I have to say that the ropes are incredible. I hardly stumble over the rope and the weight of the heavier rope seems sufficient for me to have enough feedback to know exactly there the rope is at the moment.
    One of the mechanisms from the heavier rope seems a bit too tight so I have to use additional force to but it in or out if I need to switch the ropes. But other than that the product is fine :)