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Our resistance bands allow you to build your pull-up technique and enhance your bodyweight exercises. The black band offers less resistance than the blue band and is best suited for advanced Free Athletes.

Our resistance bands are made from natural materials which can degrade over time. Please inspect the band prior to each use to ensure it is in operational condition.

  • If you attach the band to an object, please ensure that the object is stable enough to withstand the pulling force. Do not attach to table legs or other similar objects.
  • Do not load the resistance band with your full bodyweight by hanging, standing or lying on it. Our resistance bands are only designed to support your bodyweight during exercises movements, such as pull-ups, pistols, etc.

For full warnings and instructions, please read the manual enclosed in the product packaging.


  • Ideal for beginner Free Athletes
  • High resistance of 23-65 kg (50-125 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 208 x 4,5 x 0,45 cm
  • One piece construction


  • 100% natural latex

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