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Resistance band - red (13mm)

Resistance band - red (13mm)

Light strength - 4-15 kg (10-35 lb)

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  • Our resistance band exercises are tailored for use with the Freeletics app. 
  • You’ll find all resistance band exercises in the Explore tab. We’re working on adding these exercises to your Coach-assigned workouts soon.
  • Built from high-quality natural latex that is tear-resistant, our resistance bands are ready to take on any of the rigors of training that you can throw at it.
  • Easily packed into any gym bag, they will become an essential tool in your Free Athlete arsenal.
  • Highly versatile, our resistance bands can be used for warmups, cooldowns, and mobility training.
  • Additionally, they offer a great complement if you’re looking to add resistance to bodyweight exercises such as Squats and Pushups. 
E-book: “Training with light resistance band - Fundamentals” will be sent to you as a PDF via email immediately after you check out. This ebook is provided in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.


Our light resistance bands allow you to utilize the Freeletics app to its fullest. With exercises targeting different muscles available in the Freeletics app, bands present a unique way of training by offering an adjustable resistance in all directions. Made out of natural latex and highly resistant, they will become your new Essential tools in your Free Athlete arsenal.


Our resistance bands are made from natural materials which can degrade over time. Please inspect the band prior to each use to ensure it is in operational condition.

100% natural latex (REACH compliant)

Cleaning suggestions: Simply apply a hygienic wipe to clean your resistance bands.

Care Guide

Important usage note: If you attach the band to an object, please ensure that the object is stable enough to withstand the pulling force. Do not attach to table legs or other similar objects.

Do not load the resistance band with your full body weight by hanging, standing, or lying on it. Our resistance bands are only designed to support your body weight during exercises movements, such as Pullups, Pistol Squats, etc.

Store your resistance bands away from direct sunlight and moisture.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nice resistance for longer series

Allows to work at home all different muscle groups. The resistance is light enough (compared to the light blue one) to use it in series. Just to add a spicy touch to the WoDs

Gaetan ly
Simply excellent

Nice light resistant band for pullups or other different types of exercises!
Good quality product and nice finition with the log :)!

Sehr gute Trainingsergänzung / Very nice addition to my training

Ich habae vorher nie sonderlich viel mit Resistance Bändern trainiert, außer um besser in Muscle Ups zu werden. Ich muss aber sagen, dass so ein leichtes Band schon einen großen Unterschied im Training macht. Ich benutze es ab und zu für verschidene Pushups und Squats und wurde bisher nicht vom Band enttäuscht. Das Latex macht einen guten Eindruck und wirkt nicht so, als würde es nach einem Jahr auseinander bröckeln. Kann man beruhigt weiterempfehlen :)
I never trained much with resistance bands before, except to get better in muscle-ups. But I have to say that such a light band makes a big difference in training. I use it from time to time for different pushups and squats and so far I have not been disappointed by the band. The latex makes a good impression and doesn't look like it will crumble apart after a year. Would recommend it without a doubt :)