Heavyweight Rope (315 g)

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Heavyweight Rope (315 g)

Improve your cardio & coordination

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  • Adjustable heavyweight rope - suitable for all heights
  • Speed up fat burning and muscle building
  • Swinging a heavier rope requires more strength, burns more calories, and adds a new twist to your jump rope exercises
  • To be used with the Jump Rope Starter Pack

Take your cardio and strength training to the next level with the Freeletics Heavy Rope.  Using a heavier cable is a perfect way to keep the exercises exciting and challenging. 

This product does not include jump rope handles – those can be purchased with the beginner’s Jump Rope Starter Pack.


Adjusting your rope

1. Wear shoes that you will train in.
2. Step with one foot onto the cable.
3. Pull both ends of the cable up. They should be just below your armpits.

1. Detach the rope from the handles.
2. Remove the cap on one end of the cable with the Allen key.
3. Use pliers to cut the cable to the desired length.
4. Replace the cap on the free end of the cable. Tighten it securely with the Allen key.
Strong plier/bolt cutter is needed to cut the 8mm rope. Cutting the cables is a non-reversible process!

To be sure that your Freeletics Jump Rope remains in perfect condition, proper storage is mandatory.
Avoid bending or wrapping the cables too tightly when storing them.

To ensure your jump rope’s longevity, use it only on hardwood, polyurethane, vinyl, or rubber floor surfaces, or a special mat for jumping rope.

Avoid using your Freeletics Heavyweight Jump Rope on concrete or asphalt surfaces, as those will wear down the rope’s coating over time.


• Freeletics Heavyweight Jump Rope: Steel core & PU shell
• Freeletics Jump Rope transport bag: Polyester

Cleaning suggestions

• Wipe down with towel & hygienic spray

Why we developed this

Burn calories while building muscles!

We developed a jump rope with heavy cables to turn this effective cardio workout tool into one that also stimulates your muscles.
If you’re just starting, a heavy cable will actually provide more feedback about where the rope is and the speed it’s moving, helping you to master this movement faster.
To be used with the Jump Rope Starter Pack.
Heavyweight Jump Rope Starter Pack


When should I consider buying a 315 g cable?

When you feel like the original and weighted jump rope no longer contributes to your workout to the extent that it used to, you should consider adding a 315 g rope to your workouts. This will allow for more muscle development within your cardio workouts.

Which exercises can I perform with a 315 g cable?

You can perform all jump rope exercises with the 315 g cable. How to add it to your Coach program: go to your Coach settings, tap on equipment, and indicate that you've got a jump rope available for your training. Your Coach will take this information into consideration when building your program towards your indicated goals.

How do I choose the right size of cable?

All our cables are adjustable, which means you will only need to adjust them one time to your length and easily attach them with the press of a button.

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